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What You Need To Know on Scotland’s New Fire Safety Law

This short write-up will help you with everything you need to know on Scotland’s new fire safety law.

New Fire Safety Law

Scotland’s fire safety law changed last February 1st, 2022, and requires every home to install interlinked fire alarms. This signifies that if there is 1 house alarm set off, they will all go off. You will not often hear the alarm which is nearest to the fire, particularly if you are around doing somewhere in or out of the house. Having an interlinked fire alarm system which can be availed from, will definitely help to alert you instantly and thus this can help in saving lives. If you own a house, you must ensure that your home complies with this current fire alarms requirement or standard as immediately as possible. If you’re troubled about what this new legislation means to your home insurance, kindly communicate to the insurance company quickly.

Things You Need To Know

Every home requires the following as per the new law changes.

* one smoke alarm is needed in the area like in the room you use most of the time like your living room
* one heat signal or alarm installed in the house kitchen
* one smoke alarm located in each circulation area on each house story such as landings hallways.

All heat and smoke alarms must be mounted on their ceiling and interlinked. Kindly check the manufacturer’s recommendation on every needed alarm for further instructions on the right installation of the alarm. If you’re using a carbon-fueled appliance such as a fire, flue, boiler, or non-electric heater, you need also to install a carbon monoxide detector installed. This doesn’t require to be interlinked to fire alarms. Hobs and gas cookers don’t require to have carbon monoxide detectors.



* If you own a 2-story house that has 3 bedrooms, the alarms needed are 1 heat alarm and 3 smoke alarms. An alarm like carbon monoxide is also required. The 3 linked smoke alarms:
* in the downstairs area
* on the upper stairs landing
* in the living area
* 1 alarm (carbon monoxide) is installed in any room wherein some appliances are carbon-fueled like a fireplace, flue, and wood-burning. This doesn’t require to be connected to other alarms.
* 1 linked heat alarm located in the kitchen

If you reside in 1 flat bedroom, you will require to have 2 smoke alarms and 1 heat alarm. Carbon monoxide alarms are also needed.

* 2 linked smoke alarms:
* in the hall
* in the living space or room
* 1 linked heat alarm situated in the kitchen
* 1 carbon monoxide alarm is also required in any room if there’s the presence of carbon-fueled appliances like flue, boilers, or wood-burning fireplace.

The kinds of alarms you will be needed:

* 2 kinds of fire alarms (interlinked) meet the new rules:mains-wired alarms – these alarms are inexpensive compared to tamper-proof battery alarms and are replaceable every 10 years. They also must be installed properly by a skilled and qualified electrician. Check out this page to find out if an electrician is licensed or not.
* battery alarms (sealed) – these batteries are tamper-proof long-life and can last up to 10 years. You can match these alarms on your own.