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What are the Different Types of Water Heaters?

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Being at a store to purchase a water heater will not always be backed by sufficient knowledge about each model’s features. You may not even know what exactly you want for your bathrooms. Since you don’t need to buy it every month or year, it is best to know a bit about it before buying the heater as a lifetime electronic appliance. Not more two or three heaters would be needed by a person in a lifetime; so, if you want to keep the count to a minimum, you must make sure to buy the best in the market. There are various types of heaters you need to know about before choosing one from them. Let us look into all of them in detail.

1.     Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater

This type of heater works with a tank and maintains the temperature and supplies water with the temperature control valve and pressure control valve. The insulated tank has its way of keeping the water warm until you need it. Most families use this type of water tank, but if the daily requirements exceed a certain limit, the tank’s size won’t serve you best. Running out of hot water is common when using this type of heater. A life expectancy of only around 10 to 15 years is offered by this tank, implying that you need to maintain it regularly by cleaning the water and inside surfaces. The biggest benefits of buying this conventional type of heater are the easy installation and affordable price.

2.     Tankless Water Heater

As the name suggests, this type of water heater doesn’t contain a tank. It uses super-heated coils to heat the water within a few minutes; due to this instant heating feature, it is also known as the on-demand heater. Larger families can use tankless water heaters when hot water requirements are impulsive and higher than usual households. Homes having natural gas supply can use these heaters. However, if the larger models are used, you will need a more powerful gas line. Using huge sizes might also increase your electricity consumption. Maintenance is required at least once a year in order to remove mineral scale. One of the greatest benefits of using this type is lower energy consumption since it heats the water only on demand. The best tankless water heaters can have a life expectancy of around 15-20 years.

3.     Heat Pump Water Heater

No direct generation of heat is present in the hybrid water heater; instead, it uses the air’s heat. Electricity is used only for moving the heat from the air to the water. Around 60% less electricity is used in hybrid heaters than the traditional styles. A bit of room is required at the top to accommodate the water heater at 6 to 7 ft above the floor level.

4.     Solar Powered Water Heater

In this type of heater, the energy is drawn from the sun. If you have solar panels at home, there wouldn’t be a better option than this type. A backup plan is required in most cases because it doesn’t work without sunlight.


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