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Why the Institute was Created

The PVC Institute was created in Brazil at the initiative of manufacturers of raw materials and inputs, producers of resins, additives, distributors, producers of machines, representing the union of all segments of the PVC production chain.

This Entity appears in a global socio-economic context marked by the expansion of the power of influence of the new cultural values ​​of societies and by rapid and profound transformations, where irreversible facts such as globalization, formation of economic blocks and the opening of the market impose an urgent increase in the competitiveness.

On the other hand, the new environmental awareness has been demanding a more active and participative stance from all companies involved in the PVC production chain, because only with an ecologically correct position and always based on scientific and updated information will it be possible to make clear the importance of the industry of PVC for Brazilian society. This importance is reflected in benefits such as basic sanitation, housing, energy savings, conservation of natural resources, leisure, health and safety.