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Contemporary life

Natural organochlorine compounds are indispensable for life – Scientists around the world have already cataloged more than 2,000 naturally produced organochlorines. Many of these molecules have an important ecological and medicinal role, such as fungi that release organochlorine enzymes, useful for the decomposition of wood and algae, mosses and marine sponges capable of synthesizing organochlorines useful in the fight against infections and even cancer. The scientists were surprised to report that
the natural versions of organochlorineshave molecular structures similar or even the same as industrial organochlorines.

Vinyl records are not just museum pieces – In addition to collectors, many DJs prefer to work with LP (“Long Players”), made with PVC (or vinyl). With a “cult” aura, some bands continue to release LP, in limited editions, of their new albums. The technology has advanced so much that the British company Vestax has put on the market a vinyl recorder, the VRX 2000. It is now possible to transform the most varied types of music files into vinyl records.