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Welcome to the PVC Institute. Here you will have the opportunity to learn more about PVC, a plastic material whose remarkable versatility makes it ideal for the most diverse applications. So much so that, for sure, you are surrounded by PVC objects at this very moment, even without realizing it.
You will also be able to understand the environmentally friendly character of PVC. You will see that PVC is recyclable and recycled, and you will know the procedures and advantages of recycling processes. You will understand why modern scientific criteria for determining the impact of materials on the environment classify PVC as superior to most materials.

If you have commercial interests in the PVC production chain, you can learn about the PVC Institute’s efforts to promote and strengthen its market.

There are a number of printed materials with additional information about PVC and the PVC Institute. Make sure to ask everyone who is of interest to you.

We invite you to contact us whenever you wish. Your opinions, doubts, criticisms and suggestions are not only welcome, but also deeply appreciated. In fact, the most important factor of this Site is YOU.

This Web Site will be expanded and updated frequently. So the first thing to do is put it in your “Bookmarks” or “Favorites”. That way it will be easy to find your way back whenever you want.

Feel at ease. We hope your visit is enriching and fun.