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Avoid losing the market

“Given the high level of misinformation that exists among the general public, and the great development that occurred in the past in the sector of additives and stabilizers for PVC, it is necessary to create the PVC Institute”.

This misinformation that Mr. Mitteldorf talks about is one of the biggest threats to the PVC industry at the moment. As a member of the PVC production chain, your company is at risk of losing market if it remains unaware of the topic.

But what can your company do, alone, to tackle such a wide-ranging problem? It would be necessary to spend an immense amount of resources, time and energy, even to make minimal progress. And few companies can afford to focus on aspects not directly linked to production, in these times of globalization and growing competition.

Trying to tackle the problem in isolation would be a waste of time and money. The only viable way to strengthen the image of PVC before public opinion, and curb possible market losses, is to join efforts. Everyone must collaborate, but the effort must be collective, not isolated.