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9 Different Uses of Oscillating Tools

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Oscillating tools are passed down for various purposes, and hence they’re popularly called the Oscillating multitools. It finds its use in multiple ways as a sander, saw, and grinder to name a few, in one single handy power tool. They’re not only useful for such purposes but are also used to access the places that are otherwise impossible to reach. These Oscillating saws are a must-have in every household or business as they perform various tasks, as discussed below.

Trim cut in

Adding or modifying an interior or portioning the interiors was a tedious task, before the advent of oscillating tools. With the invention of the oscillating multitools, surgical cuts on walls and trimming surfaces has become extremely easy.

Undercut Doorjambs

Doorjambing is the only way to install new flooring in an existing place. Before the invention of the oscillating multitool, this work was often carried out with the use of expensive and dangerous flush cutting circular saw or methods used by hand.

Flush cuts

The oscillating tools are shaped in the form of an offset that makes flush-cutting a breeze.

Grout removal

Grout removals are useful while redecorating, remodeling or repairing a bath. For instance, while removing a shower valve. If you’re looking forward to freshening up the area, then, the oscillating tool’s carbide-grit attachment can make the work easier because it helps in cutting both the grout and the tile, if necessary.

Cabinet installation

If you’re installing a cabinet or modifying the space to accommodate a dishwasher or a sink, then you’ll require cutting slots, squares, or notches. This work is easily carried out with the help of an oscillating tool and a saw blade. Using both of these tools together, not only simplifies the cutting process but also speeds it up a notch.

Window repair

If you’re removing old paint from around the window or changing its appearance, an oscillating tool is the best option to do so. The sanding, grinding, and the saw-blade attachments present in the tool, enhances the work’s efficiency.

Paint preparation

Cleaning, scraping, sanding and filling the blemishes are the four significant steps for paint preparation. These tasks can be achieved by using an oscillating multitool. The tools not only help in smoothening the wooden corners but also help in scraping off the old paint from the surface.

Drywall Cutouts

Cutouts are required on drywalls for switches and other outlet receptacles which can be achieved by using an oscillating multitool. It consists of a bimetal which will not only help in cutting the wall efficiently but also overcomes the obstacles like nails or screws.

Thin-set removal

If a tile from the bathroom or the kitchen wall pops off, then the best way to fix it is by using the carbide-grit of an oscillating multitool that will help in cleaning and reapplying the tile on the surface.

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