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Innovative Ways to Use a Cordless Leaf Blower

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As leaves are falling and your courtyard is being covered in brown, you need to clear it as soon as possible. The seasons come and go, but you need to take the effort to keep your surroundings clean. Leaf blowers are the most commonly used appliance during that time of the year. More people are buying the product these days, but the culture has changed a bit now. The leaf blowers used today do not have cables, making it easier for you to carry it across the garden.

Blowers that operate on a battery or gas is the ideal choice for people who want to skip the hassle of plugging the blower to different sockets when moving around. Check out to find the review of one of the best cordless blowers in the market. But many of these consumers are not aware that cordless leaf blowers can be used for a few other purposes. Let us look at a few innovative ways to use a cordless leaf blower.

1.     Snow Blower in Winter

Most leaf blowers nestle in a corner in the storage after autumn has left. But you can indeed use it for the upcoming season of chilly nights too. You can make a snowblower out of your leaf blower, which will work best when cordless. These blowers can double up to function the way a snowblower does. Since they are not as heavy-duty as the actual snow blowers, you might have to spend some extra time removing the snow off your garden. Driving your car over to the street without removing the snow off its top can land you in some legal issues since it is an offense. These blowers can be fast in removing the snow off the top of the car. Immediate needs like clearing your car off the snow can be easily met with a leaf blower.

2.     Cleaning Gutters

When the gutters are blocked with leaves or other debris, the best way to clear it is using the leaf blowers. If this issue persists even during the rainy season, the water will have no free flow path, leading to floods in your surroundings. You can clean your gutters with leaf blowers without getting your hands all grimy. Make sure to clean your blower before using it clear the gutters.

3.     Drying Cars

One of the most unconventional uses of leaf blowers is to dry cars with them. Jet washing your car at a washer will let it through massive blowers to dry the vehicle faster. This same experience can be created at home using a leaf blower and a normal jet washer. All the car’s dark recesses must be reached and cleaned before the whole vehicle becomes one big accumulator of dirt. When you are cleaning the car, make sure not to wear your best clothes because you could get wet while washing. Slide into some casual clothes and reach all the corners of your car with the blower to get it as clean as a brand new one.

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