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Let’s join forces

The good news is that this attitude has already been taken. The first step has already been taken, with the founding of the PVC Institute in 1997, at the joint initiative of outstanding members of the PVC production chain in various segments, such as transformation, inputs, raw materials and additives, equipment, distribution and recycling.

The next step is to continue strengthening this initiative more and more, making the participation of the PVC Institute increasingly effective in the face of the media, government entities, opinion makers, educational institutions and before society as a whole. Your company needs a strong PVC Institute. To become strong, the PVC Institute needs your company.

As a partner at the PVC Institute, in addition to contributing to the strengthening of the PVC image in the eyes of public opinion, you have access to a number of benefits, such as:

Reference source for all questions related to the PVC production chain – you will no longer need to ask yourself where to get the answers you need;
Database access;
Access to information of interest to the PVC chain, published regularly;
Biennial congress, annual event, conferences, workshops , seminars and debate forum – you will keep up to date with industry news, and will have the opportunity to interact with other companies in the industry, sharing experiences;
Support in PVC recycling projects;
Quarterly informative newspaper.

This is not all. Among the attitudes of the PVC Institute to strengthen the PVC industry and market in Brazil, the following stand out:

Promote market growth in various segments of the chain;
Promote PVC marketing in the media;
Proactive action to clarify the use of PVC.

Just think about how much you would spend in time and financial resources to do a small part of all of these tasks yourself! By joining the PVC Institute you can do your part much more effectively and at a much lower cost!